Words and Art

Casting shadows

Caught out!

One recent Saturday morning, when the temperature was forecast to tip over 30 degrees, I drove down to the beach, picked up my camera, abandoned my shoes, and paddled from St Kilda to St Clair in the early morning coolness.

I often collect words/phrases while beach wandering. Once home I rinse the salt and sand away and leave them to dry. After a day or two I pick them up, play around with them and see if there’s any chance of a lurking poem. On one occasion the sea  presented me with a perfectly formed poem to take home.

Part of a large mural on the St Kilda Surf Club rooms

The following phrases are still drying out. They may never be used or they might just find a home in a poem.

Left my shoes and age in the car
Churning sea rushing to fill my footprints
The sea is taking imprints of my sandsteps
The sea is agitating the sand irritating it beyond ……………
Waves roll in, a slight              hesitation, before taking the plunge

And another mural around the corner of the club rooms

The poem below came together after a beach wander a few years ago. It was first published in Southern Ocean Review #50

St Clair morning

Joggers skimming the sand, nylon
jackets sailing at full billow. Foam
scuttling along the beach on a mission
to oblivion.

Gulls tossed by the wind, siphoning
air through feathered blades. Dogs
sniffing, challenging
incoming waves.

Surfers at the railings eyeing their
chances of catching some waves. Girls
strolling by eyeing their chances of
being caught.

Seal lazily nosing the air, flapping sand
over its rock body. Esplanaded steps
yielding to the tides, leaving the groynes
standing resolute.

Ruth Arnison

St Clair groynes

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One Response to Words and Art

  1. “siphoning air through feathered blades” SUPERB.

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