It’s a date

It's a dateI’m thinking about autumn but don’t worry it’s still a way off yet. We’re now printing such large numbers of cards – 5700  for autumn – that I need to adjust my timing so the proofing, printing and enveloping processes are all completed before the end of February. This week I confirmed the last two autumn poems so much happiness in the Arnison household!
I was browsing through some Internet poetry sites on Thursday night and came across two poems which were perfect contenders for the winter PitWR card. After some sleuthing I found the email addresses for the UK poet and the US literary agency so two requests flew across the ether. I was so so delighted on Friday morning to find two positive replies in my inbox. The winter poetry card will feature the four winners of the poetry competition so I’ve stopped searching for any further poems at this stage. Remember, the competition closes on Feb 28. So it’s time to stop thinking about entering and sit yourself down to either brush up an old poem or create a new one and send it/them off to me. All entry money will go towards helping with our printing/postage costs.

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