Congratulations to Calvary Hospital

Towards the end of November I invited 180 South Island and 26 North Island rest homes to send us a photo of their residents reading our cards or, if they were camera-shy, to send in a creative photo of our poetry cards in their rest home.

We’re not sure whether the busy lead up to Christmas was the reason why the response to the competition was muted or maybe it just didn’t appeal to the Activity Co-ordinators, but we were absolutely thrilled with the winning entry from Calvary Hospital in Invercargill.

I thought I’d share Bev Harvey’s email with you. Bev is Calvary Hospital’s Diversional Therapist.

Dear Ruth

Thank you for the photo competition opportunity. We had so much fun play acting your poems.
Our entry is titled: The Calvary Connection “Star Struck”
The creative photo expresses the fun experienced by Residents and Staff of Calvary Hospital acting out Robert Louis Stevenson “Escape at Bedtime”. This included reading lots of poems to find a fun one to act out, also making Christmas hats, Sailors scarves, painting a backdrop and making stars.
Thank you for the valued poetry cards which have been an inspiration to our talented poets at Calvary Hospital.

Calvary Connection Star Struck

Calvary Connection Star Struck

We were so impressed with the team’s creative effort we’ve decided to award Calvary Hospital two NZ poetry books. Thank you to all the staff and residents for your comments and enthusiasm.

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