Cor limey

We have 5500 lime green poetry cards sitting in our spare bedroom, fresh from the printers. Hopefully the weather over the weekend is clement so I can open windows and doors to release the smell!

Eight poems and two haiku fill this edition and it’s one I’m especially fond of.  I spent some time tracing poets and working out where to go to obtain permission from publishers and/ or trustees so each poem in the card has really earned its place. But, and this is the first time ever, I have published one poem without permission.  Over the last year I’ve tried unsuccessfully to locate the poet. I even wrote to the magazine, Other Poetry, where I first discovered the poem but the editor said he couldn’t find an address or email in his records. I’d normally let the poem go but I so wanted to share it with you I’m just hoping the poet will understand I have put a lot of effort into trying to gain her approval.

On Monday and Tuesday afternoons for the next three weeks I’m minding the Gallery so I’m planning on spending that time preparing the cards for posting. Come back in a couple of weeks and see a post with brief bios of our summer poets. Look out for the cards in  rest homes and medical waiting rooms during the first week of December.

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