Rest home/retirement village activities

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Several months ago I received a lovely letter from a lady living in a Timaru retirement village. I’ll call her Molly, as she may not wish to be identified.  Molly told me she’d been collecting the poetry cards from her Dr’s waiting room and wanted to know if I could give her any tips on how to set up a poetry group in her village.

Today she rang to give me an update and to ask some questions. Yes Molly has formed a poetry group but she said she was disappointed in the lack of interest – there were only three in the group. I assured her three was fine. Numbers weren’t critical but rather how much they enjoyed being together and the encouragement they gave each other. She then asked if I would send her some copies of the spring card AND information about our upcoming poetry competition. Her group wanted to get started on their poems!!

So, taking into account their interest, I told her about another competition I’m planning and this one has no entry fee.  December 1st, I’ll  email all rest homes and invite them to send me a photo (email or posted) of either residents reading our summer poetry cards or, if residents don’t wish to be photographed, a creative photo of our poetry cards in a rest home. The best three photos will appear on our blog and will earn their rest homes a New Zealand poetry book. The cut off day for receiving the photos will be Dec 17th. and the winners will be announced on December 20th.

So now Molly and her friends have two activities to keep in mind!

I’ll post information about the poetry competition here during the last week in October.

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2 Responses to Rest home/retirement village activities

  1. My Mum says she feels privileged to have had one of her poems in Poems in the Waiting Room in the past, and she thinks this is a wonderful idea for a competition. She worked in two rest homes some years ago, and she loved the lively interaction with many of the residents.

    What a fantastic job you are doing! 🙂

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