Meet some of PitWR’s Oamaru friends

One of the two Jans at Central Medical

Rosalind, one of PitWR’s trustees,  went up to Oamaru for a few days last week and in between gardening, catching up with friends and neighbours she sprinted around the Medical Centres and Rest Homes delivering the Spring cards. She didn’t manage to get to the hospital but says that will be her first stop when she returns next week. I’d sent her away with a polite request to get me some photos to brighten up the blog.  You may remember that Rosalind is a night owl so she actually emailed me at 11.40 last night but, not surprising really, I didn’t discover it until this morning! This is Rosalind’s photographic record of her deliveries.

Denise outside Harbour View Rest Home

Denise said, oh no, I take a terrible photo – I’ll find one of my staff ...  but nobody was available so she agreed to be photographed. And, what a lovely photo!

Ngaire from Iona Rest Home

Ngaire, one of the Activities Co-ordinators at Iona Rest Home, was happy to pose for Rosalind. Thank you Ngaire.

Marie, the receptionist at South Hill Medical Centre

Oh, don’t put them over there, leave them here ON THE COUNTER so people notice them. People are really pleased when they see them.

Irene from Kimberley Rest Home, Palmerston

Irene standing in the beautiful gardens at Kimberley Rest Home.

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3 Responses to Meet some of PitWR’s Oamaru friends

  1. It’s great to see the cards ‘in situ’ as it were… 🙂

  2. Mum will be keeping an eye out for that! 🙂

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