They’re reading our cards here

On Thursday morning I loaded up my car with pink poetry cards and set off on a delivery run around the medical centres and rest homes in South Dunedin. First stop was Queen Rose Retirement Home in Queens Drive. Whenever I pop in there’s always a hum of happenings and a warm feel about the place.

I met Colleen Pacey coming down the stairs, she’s the registered nurse at Queen Rose, and after having a chat she introduced me to the Knitting Group – they meet every Thursday morning.

There were four cheerful ladies and one friendly gentlemen in attendance – needles clicking and tongues wagging.

They were all happy to have their photos taken as long as they could keep knitting. But there was a short break to check out the latest poems.

Then I called in on the lovely Alfreda, she’s the receptionist at Ear Health in Hillside Road. Apart from meeting her every quarter when delivering the cards I also catch up with her when I have my twice yearly appointments.

Well, said Alfreda when I walked in, you won’t believe it but the last card went yesterday. People hate taking that last card so I had to reassure the gentleman it was just fine. Alfreda wasn’t overly keen to have her photo taken but she’s such a good sort she managed a grin after a grimace. Thank you Alfreda!

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