Spring 2012

Spring 2012 sees the publication of our sixteenth edition of Poems in the Waiting Room. The cards should be in every medical centre, rest home, hospice and prison in the South Island by the first of September. If you can’t find any copies ask the receptionists to get in touch with me at waitingroompoems(at)gmail(dot)com. Please replace the (at) with @ and (dot) with .

Every year the spring edition features NZ poets. This year the majority of poems were picked from the PitWR 2012 competition entries.  Look out for information about the 2013 competition in this blog late October.

And read about our other project over here at this blog.

Happy Reading.


The following bios were provided by our 10 NZ poets. Read on  …………….

Kath Beattie says – Writing has been a way of life from the beginning. We had no money for books, so we wrote our own. Since then I’ve had several adult and children’s short stories, children’s chapter books, two books in the Scholastic ‘My Story’ series, early childhood readers, articles, travel pieces and poems published and/or broadcast. I’ve also self-published a book on Loss and Grief.

Pauline Cartwright

Pauline Cartwright – When I was 9 I dreamed of becoming a writer. For many years now I have made my living that way. Sometimes I have written for adults, sometimes for myself. Mostly I have written for children, everything from poems to picture books, from 8-page readers to full-length novels. Support has come from an early NZ Literature Grant, the Richards Literary Agency, from other writers, my family, and readers.
I would find it distressing not to be able to write and even more so not to be able to read. Because of books I know the truth of Margaret Mahy’s words: “Imagination transforms the world, it is a force for alteration and enlightenment.”

Mary Cresswell

Mary Cresswell is a Wellington poet who comes from Los Angeles. After thirty years as a free-lance editor, she has now retired to the Kapiti Coast. She has published in a wide range of NZ, Australian and US poetry journals. Her most recent book, Trace Fossils, was published in  2011 by Steele Roberts.


Micah Timona Ferris is an ex Christchurch writer whose work has been published in various NZ and international journals. In 2011 she won the Macmillan Brown Prize for Writers and in 2012, 2nd prize in the Caselberg International  Poetry Competition. She relocated to the UK in April of this year.

Mary Fitzgerald

Mary Fitzgerald has lived in Christchurch for a long time, although she was born and raised near Mt. Taranaki. Her academic background is in languages and counselling. She has had poetry published in Takahe and The Press as well as in Crest to Crest, a Canterbury anthology published in 2009.  Mary has read her work at the open mike sessions of Catalyst and at the Autumn and Spring series of the Canterbury Poets’ Collective.  A poem of Mary’s was selected for Voiceprints 3, the 2011 publication of the Canterbury Poets’ Collective.  She enjoys writing poetry, memoir and short stories, as well as going into the mountains to tramp and breathe.


Sophia Frentz was born and raised in Tauranga, with a brief excursion to Beirut, Lebanon. She currently resides in Dunedin, in her final year of a Bachelor of Science in Genetics at Otago University. Her wide range in interests span haiku, biology, and music. She enjoys living in Dunedin as it is never far to a quiet piece of nature!

Tim Heath says, I had a long and happy teaching career, until the vines of bureaucracy so ensnared my feet that dance, and flight, became impossible. Today, my main interests are spending time with my eight grandchildren, cooking, gardening, playing golf, blue water sailing and learning to listen. All these things give me more than my fair share of joy, as does the excitement of being able to hear, and have the time to obey, the voice that whispers writing ideas inside my head.

Greg O’Connell is a poet and teacher-educator, performing locally and internationally. He is a regular contributor to the School Journal, and winner of the 2011 Page & Blackmore Poetry Competition. Each year Greg presents live poetry shows at schools, libraries, theatres and festivals. Read more at http://www.gregoconnell.com

Sandi Sartorelli lives in the Hutt Valley, and is working towards a degree in Applied Arts with the Whitireia Creative Writing Programme.  She has had poetry published in Valley Micropress, Eye to the Telescope and Blackmail Press.  Sandi is the mother of four grown up children.  She is also known as Abra Cadabra.


Rachel Tobin has lived in New Zealand since she was nine; her ancestors lived in Ireland, England and France.  For the last 15 years she has made her home in Wellington.  Rachel has recently started studying poetry at the Institute of Modern Letters, and one of her poems won first prize in this year’s New Zealand Poetry Society annual international open poetry competition.  She writes because of her deep enjoyment of words and their power to move, inspire and invite new ways of seeing.

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