Thoughts of spring

Spring 2012

When I heard the rain on the roof early this morning I snuggled further under the duvet, dislodging the cat lying sentry at bed’s end, comforted by the fact that it was my day off. Not that I intended remaining dormant but it just meant I didn’t have a cool, drippy, wet start to the day walking from my car to work.

I stayed close to the fire for the first few hours making phone calls, sending emails and adding Ron Esplin to our line up of artists on the When North meets South blog. November seems a long way off but with my list of ‘things to do’ increasing daily I’ve got to keep on track!

Come lunch time Robbie and I headed down to Port Chalmers to the Port Royale cafe where they serve the most delicious baked potatoes with salad. With our hunger satiated we returned home and I set to, unpacking and sorting 5500 spring poetry cards. I’m not sure what colour the paper dealer calls them but blossom pink is as good a name as any.  Over the next three weeks any ‘days off’ will be devoted to enveloping and addressing before  posting these cards off to their new homes.

A quick catnap after supervising the unpacking of the latest poetry cards!

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