Now we are Four!

Yesterday I met Kay McKenzie Cooke for a hot choccie and a chat at Cinnamon Cafe in St Andrew St. Will and the girls provide friendly cheerful service and consistently, no matter who’s serving, make GREAT hot choccies. Check them out!

Kay and I darted in and out of subjects touching on poetry happenings, gardening, baking, the publishing industry, and her blog, which is one of my few, but regular, blog ‘reads’. I asked Kay if she’d think about becoming a PitWR trustee and to just let me know her decision next time we caught up. After chatting about the responsibilities; mainly boosting my morale when sponsorship pleadings get me down; a sounding board, and ‘being there’ for advice/ input, Kay said yes, just like that! Kay is going to be a great asset to PitWR. We’re already tossing around an idea for a poetry happening next year. It’s ambitious and exciting, but I won’t jeopardise it by saying any more at this stage!

Poems in the Waiting Room brought to you by Ruth, Chris, Rosalind and Kay.

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