Looking ahead!

Green Tea by Dale Ritterbusch

The When North meets South exhibition runs from Nov 4 –Nov 26 which means I have to be super organised with the summer poetry card due for distribution in December. Bearing that in mind I’ve been scouting around for poems and poets over the last couple of months and now the summer card is complete! I always ask poets for permission to transcribe their work into braille and it’s never been a problem. Dale Ritterbusch, a Wisconsin poet, asked me if I had an additional card of his poem in braille. Well, I thought, that’s doable but the braille poetry booklets are usually 16-18 pages and unless Dale knew a braille reader he wouldn’t be able to pick out his poem. So I emailed Julie Woods to see if she would mind transcribing Dale’s poem onto a single card which I could send to him. And as all things with Julie, no sooner said than done – in the mail today a copy of Dale’s poem, Green Tea, in braille and on a green card.  Thank you Julie!

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