Packaging up the winter edition

It’s been quite a weekend – unpacking, sorting, bundling, enveloping, addressing, stamping and then repacking poetry cards (all 5500!!!) in readiness to take down to the Mail Centre this week. Just as well it’s three months between editions!

I thought you might like to see who shared in the fun!  I popped all the cards in two suitcases – it was the quickest, compactest (is that a word?) way of removing the cards from our living room overnight – in case our quaky cat decided she wanted to play with the cards. As it was I caught her investigating. It was a bit overwhelming at one stage so I called on my husband to help out.

Later in the week I’ll post the bios of all the poets in this edition. Look out for these blue poetry cards in your nearest waiting room next week.

I won’t go near them

Don’t look at me like that, I said I wouldn’t go near them, ok?

Relaxing after enveloping

Well I just couldn’t help myself!

Just another bundle

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