Hippopotamus in the room

I know I’ve been showcasing a number of books lately but with the Poems in the Waiting Room cards only appearing every three months, there’s not always much in the way of news! But I can tell you the winter card, which will be distributed in June, is at the printers right now.

Martha Morseth was born in the US but has lived in Dunedin since 1972. Her latest book, Hippopotamus in the room, was launched on Thursday night in front of a large group of well-wishers at the Dunedin City Library’s Dunningham Suite. I bought a copy on the night which was a good move because when I popped into UBS today there was no sign of it.  And if at this point there are bells ringing, and you can’t remember why, here’s the answer.  Martha’s poem, Not an elephant, featured in the March 17 Listener and the first line is, There’s a hippopotamus in the room. I particularly enjoyed, Where is a wizard when you need one? and, Remembering Janet Frame, on my first read through. Tonight’s weather forecast indicates it’s going to be a great week for staying indoors and reading poetry. You get order a copy by emailing Martha morsethm(at)xtra.co.nz (Please replace the bracketed (at) with the @ symbol)

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