When North meets South

We want to move northwards. Well I don’t really, I’m happy living in Dunedin. To clarify; we want to move the project northwards. With the South Island covered we want to carry on towards our long-term goal of offering the cards to every New Zealand medical centre, rest home, hospice and prison.

And to kick-start the move there’s a new project on the go………

We rely totally on sponsors to cover our printing costs but we also need to help ourselves, hence the poetry competition fees helped us with our postage costs. (Did you hear the news today about the postage increases from 1 July ?!?!)

So what’s happening?

Later in the year Poems in the Waiting Room is presenting an exhibition, When North meets South. We’ve invited 14 haiku poets from the North Island to each send us 6 haiku. We’ll then distribute 3 haiku to each invited Otago artist who will choose the one haiku that appeals to them the most and then they’ll create a work in response to it. (I’m on the lookout for sponsors to help with the cost of: advertising, the opening, gallery hire, and prize money.) Poems in the Waiting Room will take a small commission on all sales made and this will be put towards our funds to take the project from the South to the North Island.  So yes we are looking for sponsors again but we really are trying to help ourselves as well!

Over Easter I’m hoping to create a new blog, When North meets South. Over the next few months I’ll post information about the haiku poets, the artists and if we’re lucky enough we may get to see photos of their work in progress!

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