Uniting Nations with Poetry

A few months ago I was contacted by Michael Sheridan Stone, the Director of Poems in the Waiting Room Worldwide, to see if I would share my Poems in the Waiting Room experiences and initiatives with Lis Bastion, the CEO of Varuna – Australia’s national residential writers’ house. Lis was keen to learn how PitWR worked as she was considering setting it up in Australia. Emails flew back and forth across the Tasman, samples of our poetry cards whizzed over to the Blue Mountains and look at this terrific news.

If you want to find out more about the Writers’ House have a look here. What a wonderful facility to have. I alerted my email pal Greg Judkins, an Auckland GP, to the site and he rather wistfully replied, Wouldn’t it be great to have the confidence to do something similar in New Zealand.  One day, Greg, one day.

Now, I’m hoping to publish the competition results by the weekend. There’s just one winner I haven’t been able to contact and I don’t think it’s fair he/she should read the results here. Please be patient with me!

And then, and then, well with the 2012 competition over I decided I needed another project. So, I’m in the midst of putting it all together – more news next week. How’s that for a cliff hanger?



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