Delights & Shadows

Ted Kooser

Last weekend while browsing in the University Book Shop I came across a poetry book by a guy called Ted Kooser. His name was familiar as I receive a weekly email from American Life in Poetry which features a poem by a contemporary American poet and Ted gives a brief introduction to the poem. Anyway I treated myself to his book, Delights & Shadows, and I’ve spent a delicious week falling in love with Ted , well his words actually! During the week I’ve listened to Ted reading via you tube and he comes across as a very unpretentious, sincere guy.  Using my track and trace skills, which I’ve honed since setting up PitWR, I found his email address and tossed one off to him thinking well it’s worth a try. AND this morning I received a reply; Great fun to get an email from New Zealand! Sure, feel free to use either or both of those poems – – – – – 

So, along with the winning poets from the PitWR poetry competition I’ll feature one of Ted’s poems in the winter edition of PitWR. I know we’re just moving into autumn but hey it’s always good to have something to look forward to!

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2 Responses to Delights & Shadows

  1. Ted Kooser is one of my poetry heroes. In the foreword to the anthology ‘How to Eat a Poem’ he writes: “A poem, like food, can nourish us. It can be an apple, a hamburger, a salad, or a four-course meal. But it can also be popcorn or a piece of candy. To eat a poem is to read it and swallow it whole. The more we read poetry, the more we get from each poem, and over time, we develop a life-affirming relationship to poetry.” And PitWR is helping to provide that nourishment. Go well. Go lyrically.

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