To all our competition entrants

Today's post!!

Some time ago a friend said to me she never bothered entering competitions because she had no chance of winning. But you’ve taken that chance and I sincerely appreciate your support.

Just as well it was my day off today as our mailbox was overflowing at midday and later in the day still more entries – one hand delivered and two couriered.

I’ve had the easy job of sorting the poems into one box, the poets’ details in another and drawing up a spreadsheet with all the details for easy reference. After close off tomorrow I’ll hand over the ‘poems box’ to Kay and leave her with the task of reading, rereading, sorting and resorting and making decisions. We have some great poems so it won’t be easy.

So what happens to your entry fees? Well I’ve earmarked them for ‘postage.’ Sponsors prefer to pay for printing costs as their name appears on each card and they get some return for their money but postage is an unidentifiable cost and has always been a bit of a financial scramble. Now I can concentrate on looking for sponsors for the next two editions knowing that the postage is paid for. Thank you.

I’m aware that our North Island entrants haven’t had the opportunity to see our PitWR cards. I’m planning to print some extra winter cards  – the winning competition poems will appear in the winter edition – and if any North Island competition entrants would like one sent to them just let me know. South Island entrants may pick one up from their local medical centre. If your medical centre is one of the few who don’t want the cards then just let me know and I’ll happily post the winter card to you:

Good luck everyone!!


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4 Responses to To all our competition entrants

  1. Shanee says:

    Thanks for the posting the picture of the envelopes – I can see mine on the top so I no longer need to imagine it arriving on Thursday, a day too late! A great competition and I am very happy to be supporting ‘postage’.

  2. frances rabone says:

    LIke Shanee I am reassured to see my envelope in the picture!
    Good luck with the judging and the sorting.
    I think the whole Poems in the Waiting Room project is brilliant.

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