Recipes and Reading

How does she do it? Julie Woods hosts her hour-long Cooking without Looking Show every week introducing songs, chatting to guests, and recalling recipes using no prompts, braille or otherwise. She is a woman to admire and her memory is one to envy!  Once she reassured me Alison Holst wasn’t listening and I suggested baking purists turn off the radio I let loose with my version of my favourite recipe – the most delicious fruitcake. And why wouldn’t purists have been impressed? Well I rarely sift, I use margarine instead of butter, I substitute fruit juice for sherry and to stop me licking and picking the mixture I chew gum. Talk about airing my secrets! Anyway it was a fun show and we had a great chat about Poems in the Waiting Room. I gave Julie a Braille copy of PitWR and  she gave me some apricot jam she’d made the night before. Delicious! Many thanks to Julie for inviting me on to her show and also to the lovely Otago Access Radio peoples, Lesley Paris and Geoff Barkman  for reassuring me before and after the programme!

In the weekend I treated myself to two books. Helen Lehndorf’s first poetry collection, The Comforter, is wonderful. Check it out at your nearest library or even better, buy a copy for keeps. The second book, The Cheese and Onion Sandwich and other New Zealand Icons, is a collection of prose poems by Vivienne Plumb. It would be a great gift for kiwis living overseas – make them really homesick!  Dunedinites they’re available at the Otago University Bookshop. And coincidentally Seraph Press published both books.

In the next few days I’ll post, on this blog, the bios of the poets featured in the autumn Poems in the Waiting Room card and during the last week in February I’ll post, in the mail, the autumn cards.

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  1. Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Ruth! 🙂

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