Posting facts and figures


I wouldn't mind these postage rates!

I spent a large part of Waitangi weekend enveloping, addressing and organising postage for 4963 poetry cards. It was such a blustery weekend I was pleased to have PitWR as an excuse to be absent from my garden. I am very much a ‘fair weather’ gardener!

So just for now, our spare room is a sea of cardboard cartons! I’ll drop them off at NZ Post in a couple of weeks for distribution to: 283 medical practices, 104 rest homes, 7 prisons, 2 hospices, and 80 poets/interested others.

Up until 2011 NZ Post helped PitWR by gifting us 100 freepost envelopes annually but last year they deemed the cards to be  ‘newsletters’ so we missed out on any assistance. After spending $420.00 on postage this season I’m hoping my application to NZ Post might be considered this year!

Because I don’t want to run the project into the ground financially I’ve decided to pull back a little and dip rather than plunge into Christchurch. We’ll supply all the medical practices this autumn but leave the rest homes until the winter edition – by that time I hope to have secured further funding.

Cheers, Ruth

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2 Responses to Posting facts and figures

  1. Kel says:

    Umm and how can we donate towards postage?

    • ruth arnison says:

      Thanks for your interest Kelvin. PitWR(NZ) is a Registered Charity: CC39686. Donations of $5.00 or more are tax-deductible in New Zealand and may be sent to:
      PitWR(NZ), 19 Hunt St, Andersons Bay, Dunedin 9013.

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