In memory of Cyril Childs 1941 – 2012

Cyril Childs

This afternoon I heard from Sandra Simpson that Cyril Childs died on Friday. I contacted Cyril in November for permission to use one of his haiku in our autumn edition of Poems in the Waiting Room so I’m saddened that he didn’t live to see his contribution to our project. For tributes see . Our condolences to Cyril’s family and friends.

backyard cricket
Dad and I pick up
    the kitchen window

                                                            Cyril Childs (1941 – 2012)

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8 Responses to In memory of Cyril Childs 1941 – 2012

  1. Alan McKinnon says:

    Cyril Childs and Terry Thomas – great duo!

  2. Kay Cooke says:

    Saddened to learn of Cyril’s death. A lovely person and writer.

  3. Ruth says:

    I only knew Cyril via emailing him re the loan of his haiku. The heartfelt tributes and stories told by his family and friends at his funeral allowed me a glimpse into his life. Cyril’s death is a loss not only for his family but also for the writing and wider community.

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  5. Dominic Jackson says:

    I knew Cyril many years ago (mid 80’s) as a scientist at Soil Bureau and as my neighbourg in the Belmont Hills – Lower Hutt. He was a very gentle and kind man and so was his first wife Vivienne. I am saddened to learn of Cyril’s death.
    (then, known as: Dominique Jacquet)

  6. Brian Bailey says:

    I caught up with Cyril at the SBHS 125th reunion. I was in the same class at school. What a pleasant reunion it was, what a nice man. I am really saddened to hear of his death.

  7. Doug McClymont says:

    I have known Cyril since uni at Otago. We “played” together as OU students do and he married Vivienne – one of my OUSPE classmates. Sad to see a good man gone.

    • brian bailey says:

      Yes Doug. Cyril was a classmate of mine at SBHS from 1955-1060. He was a really nice guy and I caught up with his at the 125th jubilee. I remember him as a really talented cricketer. He told me at the reunion that he owed a lot to Jack Alabaster who persuaded his parents to send him to SBHS as a clever character with cricketing skills. He showed all of these in his scientific career. Above all, Cyril was a person with integrity and personal charm whom I always respected and liked. May the man rest in peace in whatever envirnment our maker has in store for people like him.

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