Shaken but not stirring

Our younger son volunteered our home as a temporary refuge for this quaky cat. He hitched down  from Christchurch with her a couple of weeks ago. She’s quickly settled in claiming this chair as ‘hers’ and voicing her wishes very clearly!

Talking of Christchurch we’re excited to say that the autumn edition will be distributed throughout Canterbury. This means we’ve reached our goal of supplying poetry cards to all of the South Island. It’s quite a milestone for our small organisation– kilometre stone just doesn’t have the same ring does it?

And speaking of milestones, last night our blog had its 3000 visitor. The poetry competition has definitely drawn attention to the site. Remember entries close February 29. All the information about the competition can be found by clicking on the ‘competition’ tab above.

Look out for the latest poetry card, our 14th edition, in early March. We’re expecting 5000 cards back from the printers any day now. I’ll need a week of evenings to address and envelope them ready for posting!

So what’s our next move?  Our longterm plan is to cross the Cook Strait but for now we want to make sure we can continue to finance the project in the South Island before heading northwards.

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