The Shapes of Things

A few weeks ago I emailed Michael Swan to check whether it was ok to use his poem, How everything is, in the GP Pulse article (see the post and the poem in  Here’s hoping for a healthy Pulse rating). Michael replied with a ‘yes certainly and would you like a copy of my new collection?’ Well I don’t need to tell you my answer do I? The Shapes of Things arrived in the mail on Friday. It’s brilliant! Take a peek at Michael’s website and check out some of his other poems.

And here’s a little taster from The Shapes of Things published by Oversteps Books.

Once in a blue moon

you go to check a word
and the dictionary falls open
just at the right page.

Entranced by the gift
you read everything:
once to onion,
blue to blunder,
moon to morganite
– such riches.

And sometimes it happens
outside the book:
hallo to happy,
idea to idyll,
love to luminosity.

Once in a blue moon.

© 2011 Michael Swan.

All good wishes for 2012


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