Goodwill to all men









Goodwill to all men

Elbows adrift he cleared the way to the
raspberry stall ignoring the line of women.
Goodwill to all men but stuff if he was gonna
queue up behind this tinsel of females.

He had other things to do on a Christmas
eve, only the wife always counted on him
for the berries and no wardrobe of women
was gonna make him muck around all day.

Bloke refused to serve him ’cos he jumped
the queue. Hell he’d never managed leapfrog
at school so what sort of fantasy saw him
jumping this load of lovelies.

Blowing a raspberry in the stallholder’s face
he headed off to face trolleys trundled
in time to Silent Night or whatever music
enticed customers to part with their cash.

Bing was crooning about the snow
falling, so even he tossed in a pack of
mincemeat pies and shivered
as he passed the freezers.

The blond kid on checkout picked up his
vibes along with the raspberries and pies.
She bagged the lot before venturing, be
goodwill to all men when it’s over sir.

© Ruth Arnison

I wrote this poem after watching a guy elbow his way through a long queue at the Christmas Eve Farmers’ market a few years back. The expression on his face said it all!!

Warm wishes for a relaxing festive season.

Ruth and the PitWR team

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2 Responses to Goodwill to all men

  1. f32dreamKel says:

    Excellent Ruth, I loved it. Well told.

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