Out and About

Glenda from the Gardens' Medical Centre

This morning I called in to the Gardens’ Medical Centre with a batch of summer cards. The receptionists always welcome me with warm words and smiles AND they love the cards. I cajoled Glenda into posing for a photo to brighten my blog. She was rather reluctant but couldn’t refuse when one of their patients quite happily entered the frame! A chat with the Gardens’ receptionists is as good as any medicine.

The ladies at Southern Audiology

Then I carried on up to Southern Audiology at Marinoto Clinic.  Marc Andriessen has been looking after my hearing needs and aids for 10 years – he’s actually featured in a couple of my poems! His office ladies are the best – posting me new supplies of batteries or fitting me in for ‘quick fixit’ appointments. They were happy to see the cards, less so the camera! But when a lady walked in smelling of roses the camera was forgotten.

Sharon Wilson

Sharon was selling rose and lavender-scented heart-shaped bath bombs/drawer scenters in delightful organza bags. The money raised is going to help provide cushions for women recovering from mastectomy surgery. So we crowded around her, enjoyed a chatter, made our purchases, and I sneaked in a few photos. One of the audiologists poked his head into the office but took off when he saw the gaggle of women – wise man!

Pat reading 'Driving North on Christmas morning'

Every season I deliver the latest poetry card to my friend Pat. While her husband George was listening to the cricket, Pat and I caught up on 3 months worth of news. We were still in full flow when grand-daughter Edie arrived from school.  So just to complete my photographic journey I caught Pat and Edie on camera before heading for home.

The lovely Edie

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2 Responses to Out and About

  1. Greg says:

    Delightful images, Ruth…and there’s undeniable power in a lively “gaggle”!

  2. ruth arnison says:

    It was a fun day Greg! With 3272 cards posted/delivered this week there’s a lot of poetry on the move! I still have about 150 cards left so might have a small foray into Christchurch.

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