Poems please

Click on the tab above or the picture for information about our Poetry Competition.

It’s been a busy few weeks finalising the summer poetry card and organising the poetry competition.

The summer card is at the printers now and will be distributed to medical waiting rooms, rest homes and prisons early December. This summer will be our first venture into the Marlborough/Nelson area so we’re hoping the cards will be a ‘hit’ up thataway! It’s the third poetry card Bendigo Valley Sports & Charity Foundation has sponsored, we’re very grateful for their support.

Staff at the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind are transcribing the summer poetry card poems into Braille. The Foundation has offered to look after the distribution of the summer booklets so please direct any queries to their head office. They should be available from late November/early December.  Sincere thanks to Creative New Zealand for funding this Braille edition.

Please do submit your work to our competition. We’re really keen to have a greater representation of NZ poets in our cards and we’d love to see some NEW names making an appearance!

Now, a sneak preview!   Michael Lavers has kindly given me permission to publish his poem Coda on our blog. Coda is one of nine poems appearing in the summer edition – more about the other poets in my next post.


From the garden rose the sound of bees
that lurched and wobbled through the peonies.
We ate eggs, French toast, drank milk that warmed
in minutes in the sun while fat drones swarmed
and looped like drunkards in the purple field.
On the porch we heard their bodies yield
to wills their fuzzy minds don’t understand.
They smelled the stains of syrup on your hand
and one, in gold-encrusted drunken strut,
smeared pollen from its mandibles and gut
along your wrist. That morning you had tied
your hair, and as you rose and ran inside,
it gently bounced, and loosed, and then unfurled.
If the next is better, I’ll still miss this world.

Michael Lavers (1983 –

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