Moving on

Kowhai with bee

About ten years ago we planted this kowhai from a seedling my Dad gave us.  Standing at the kitchen sink is no chore when our vista is this beautiful tree laden with flowers, bees  and silver eyes who provide a masterclass Cirque du Soleil performance!

Last week I resigned from my position in the student office at my local high school. For six years I’ve kept track of students’ attendance, reunited them with lost phones and clothing, made calls home when they were ill or truant, helped staff with misbehaving photocopiers, reset computers, sourced funding for sporting trips and wonder of wonders managed to keep my sense of humour!

With the days and years flying by I’ve decided to claim more time for my own writing, PitWR, and to keep in closer contact with my Dad. So I’m moving from high school to university – a natural progression? I’m looking forward to my new position as part-time admin assistant for a research team at the Dunedin School of Medicine.

And just to complete a month of highs, I heard from Creative New Zealand that my application to the Quick Response funding round was successful. So we have definite funding to go towards four issues of PitWR  – very welcome news.

And a lovely email received today; Just to let you know that one of my wee boys arrived at speech on Wednesday with his bright yellow card of Poems in the Waiting Room!!! and is now learning  “Socks”, by Jane Buxton!!! So there you are – they work!!

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