Look how far we’ve come!

Spanning three years

12 PitWR(NZ) editions, three years’ worth of poems.  I think we may be reaching the end of the rainbow! I’ll have to pop into my printer this week and see what’s on offer, colourwise,  for summer.

This afternoon I visited the Dunedin RNZFB rooms to meet Paula Waby and the very patient Gypsy. Although Paula said she’s not a great fan of poetry she was happy to help me out.  My braille copy of Poems in the Waiting Room had been taunting me. I was desperate to see if all those dots really were poems! As Paula’s fingers skimmed across the pages she read aloud for me with only the occasional pause for laughter.  An amazing skill. And Gypsy? Well her tail was thumping away, perhaps a txt message of sorts, but when there was no response she resettled into her dreams while we continued to chat.

Have a peek at the latest Otago Daily Times article about PitWR.  And for Southlanders, the Riverton paper, The Western Star also has an article about PitWR in its September edition.

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2 Responses to Look how far we’ve come!

  1. Paula Waby says:

    It was fun. You may even convert me to understanding poetry! Some of them were pretty cool. Thanks for giving blind people equal access.

  2. ruth arnison says:

    Here’s hoping the braille booklets can be seasonal editions. I’ll keep you in mind if I ever come across any ‘cool’ animal poems!

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