Poems in the mail

Fireside reading

Even after editing 12 PitWR cards I still feel a wave of joy when poets respond with a yes to my emails/letters requesting the loan of their poems for a new edition. The poets in my planned spring card all responded very promptly and positively so the card is just sitting like a bulb waiting for the warmth of spring for its emergence.

I have a half-hour lunch break – just enough time to walk home, have a bite to eat and drive back down to work. Today’s lunch break was extended a little when I discovered a parcel in the post from Julie Leibrich – one of our spring poets. Julie sent me three of her poetry books and a cd of her poems with music by Eric Biddington. The work afternoon dragged, I just wanted to get home to my new books!

And tonight I’ve enjoyed a long evening by the fire looking through The Paper Road, Shadow Friend, A Little Book Of Sonnets and listening to Cupid and Psyche. The first taste was delicious. I’m looking forward to dipping in and out of Julie’s books over the next few nights and weeks.

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