Celebrating our behind the scenes ‘crew’

The first story in a planned series about Poems in the Waiting Room; how an edition is put together, the people who play a role behind the scenes, maybe feature a rest home or Dr’s surgery, chat about our sponsors, feature poets and add a poem or two.

And I’ve decided to start close to home!

My 86 year old Dad is a retired minister and a big fan of Poems in the Waiting Room cards. Sometimes he forgets he’s retired and becomes annoyed because he hasn’t got quite as much puff as he used to.

Dad has lived alone since Mum died 16 years ago. He spends his free time baking for the family (his chocolate cake is renowned), pottering in his garden, visiting, attending the book group at the library, participating in a bible study group and the list goes on – – – – . He regularly visits elderly people in his hometown and helps me out by dropping cards into a local rest home. Two years ago I wrote a poem for his 84th birthday and it is still as relevant today.


         At 84
for Allan Simpson

With a pantry full of preserves he’s
relaxing into autumn. Peaches,
plums and apricots, proof
of his golden summer.

Weekly provisions for the family;
gingernuts,  coffee and chocolate
cakes. His kitchen skills,

At the Book Chat Group, he shares
his readings. Visiting the elderly
he listens to life stories,

With April comes resignation;
logging church history at Knox’s
archives has become less a joy,
more of a journey.

When winter’s darkness intrudes, he
closes the curtains, shuns evening
outings until lightness blossoms
in to Spring.


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