National Poetry Day

July 30 is National Poetry Day and Poems in the Waiting Room cards have been sent to several organizers of various events in the North Island, just to give their communities a taste of our southern project. When funds permit we will continue to move further northwards with our cards.

As an acknowledgment to National Poetry Day a Dunedin newspaper, D scene, interviewed me about the Poems in the Waiting Room project. A well written half page article appeared in the paper last night.

I’ve spent this evening proofing and playing around with the layout of the spring poetry card before I send it off to the printers. I’m very grateful to Seamus Heaney, Michael Swan, Tom Kelly, Cilla McQueen, Charlotte Zolotow, Alistair Robinson, Elaine Riddell and the trustees of the literary estates of Karka Kuskin, Olive Dehn and John Waley for allowing me to print their poems. The generosity and enthusiasm of poets for this project makes the collation of each edition an exciting time. Tracing poets and sending emails off, often late at night, with frequent responses waiting in my inbox in the morning is a little like Christmas: poets gifting me their words.

I’ll update the blog again in a week or two with information about the Spring poets.SLook out for the sunflower yellow spring edition in early


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