Almost ready for Winter

We’re welcoming winter 2010 with a royal blue poetry card. The cards will be available early June in medical centres and rest homes throughout South Canterbury, the West Coast, Dunedin, North, Central and South Otago, and Southland with special deliveries to Scott Base and Samoa.

Poets featured are: John Masefield, Martha Morseth, Waiata Dawn Davies, Maynie Thompson, Jenny Bornholdt, William Baer, Victoria Stace, Ruth Dallas, and Richard von Sturmer.

You don’t need to miss out on a card just because you’re healthy. You’re always welcome to call into your Dr’s to pick up a card or contact me and I’ll be happy to pop one in the post. But not yet, they’re still at the printers! I’ve still got a few autumn leaves to kick about before I’m ready for winter!


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