And Westward Ho

I’ve just bundled up the remaining autumn poetry cards and posted them off to several West Coast medical centres and rest homes. Two and a half thousand cards-our biggest print run so far! If you’re interested in figures then a few to follow: Autumn 09 our poetry card was posted to 15 rest homes and 37 medical practices. This year the autumn card was sent to 88 rest homes, 133 medical practices and 42 poets/ friends of PitWR. It would be great if by this time next year we could have the resources and funding to spread into Canterbury! Something to work towards!
I’m planning on having a couple of weeks off from PitWR, maybe attend to my own writing, and then it will be time to finalise and proof the winter card.
Today’s lunchtime mail brought me a letter from Lena in England whose granddaughter had sent her the NZ poetry card. “I took it to a Day Centre I attend, and read them out there. I have also passed it round to my friends so I thought I would let you know how much pleasure these have brought and thank you very much“. What a lovely response! After reading Lena’s letter I headed back down the hill to work with a little bit of English spring in my step!

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