Heading Northwards

There are 300 cards, left over from our autumn distribution, sitting by my desk looking for homes!

I’ve decided to be bold and send them northwards – to South Canterbury. I’ve been reluctant to expand this service too quickly, as I’d hate to offer cards to a region and then pull out a season or two later due to funding woes. Up to now I’ve managed to secure funding for at least one season in advance so I just have to believe that I will continue to be supported by the various trusts who realize the value of this project.

Now and then I receive a very welcome email or letter:

On Thursday I visited Dr. M’s surgery in _ _ _ _ _ _ , there were several of us old ladies waiting and some of your POEMS IN THE WAITING ROOM on the reading table. We all read them, and had a pleasant discussion about which was best, wild daisies, puppy love, or Greeba Brydges-Jones’ Haiku. I am sure our bloodpressures were several points lower as a result, and the other ladies remarked on what a great idea it was ———-

just wanted to drop you a line to say how marvellous it was to find the poems on the counter this morning while waiting in the Emergency Doctor’s surgery for an hour in a distressed condition – that little blue brochure with “yours to keep!” on the front was just a godsend. Have never come across these before but what a fantastic idea – originating in the UK? and are they in other cities besides Dunedin?

thank you from a grateful reader

I really enjoy getting feedback about the cards or specific poems. Thank you readers!!

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