Approaching autumn

I’m sitting at my desk sheltering from the 28 degree heat, thinking about possible poems for the winter poetry card while I have two and a half thousand autumn poetry cards boxed beside me! Unlike summer I tend to work ahead of myself.

As summer has only recently appeared I’m reluctant to talk of autumn but this is just a sneak preview. I’ll start delivering and posting the cards in the last week of February/early March.

In this autumn edition Barbara Strang has Op-shop Fever. And yes if it reminds you of Sea Fever then wait for winter, I’ve just received permission to use John Masefield’s poem in the next poetry card. Lynn Davidson’s poem is an exquisite reminder of autumn and Anna Jackson’s poem brings back memories of trying to entice two young lads indoors to have a bath! One of the Year 10 teachers at school gave me some students’ poems to look at and Daniel Peace was kind enough to let me include Beau. With only 9 words Jeanette Stace has captured a very familiar scenario. Kath Beattie gives us another glimpse of autumn, this time in Dunedin, while Jessica le Bas takes us up the road to Oturehua. W B Yeats and Emily Dickinson are our international poets and John Parker’s poem is right up to D8!

Look out for these intensive orange cards in local rest homes or medical centre waiting rooms.

Sincere thanks to Bendigo Valley Sports & Charity Foundation who have sponsored this Autumn 2010 edition of Poems in the Waiting Room.

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