Summer Preview

Three boxes of summer cards are sitting by my desk waiting to be unpacked and repackaged to send and deliver to rest homes and medical practices. Once again we’re covering the lower half of the South Island plus this time a few northern practices, who’ve heard of the project and asked to be included.

Sincere thanks to Bendigo Valley Sports & Charity Foundation who are our Summer 2009 and Autumn 2010 sponsors.

Our pink summer card has eleven poems, 1 haiku and 1 tanka. With titles ranging from: Puppy Love, Smoking an Eel on Holiday, Wild Daisies, I think the clouds are cotton wool, The Cupboard, and Stars, we hope the selection covers most readers’ tastes.

Bub Bridger, Wendy Cope, and Robbie Burns welcome summer with their poems. Greeba Brydges-Jones in three lines has captured a Christmas moment while Jenny Powell’s smeary glasses will have dog lovers nodding in agreement. Richard Langston’s words may trigger memories from days on the farm. Walter de la Mare could possibly take you back to primary school days, one of those poems we used to memorise! André Surridge presents a summer scene and Mo Irvine’s and Mick Stringer’s poems have an evening theme. John Ansell allowed me to use his children’s poem but I think it may raise a smile from adults as well. Ken Head’s poem may well transport you to Italy, the land of olive trees and donkey tracks.

Look out for these bright pink cards in your medical centre’s waiting room soon. They are there for the taking so don’t be shy! Please contact me at my email address below with any suggestions, bouquets or brickbats.


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2 Responses to Summer Preview

  1. John Ansell says:

    Nice site Ruth.

    You may not have officially conquered the North Island yet, but that didn’t stop my (Wellington) doctor from quoting my own poem back to me on a recent visit. The southern waiting rooms are leaking!

    Well done on the success of the campaign so far.

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