Poems in Rest Homes

For some weeks I have been mulling over the idea of delivering cards to Rest Homes. I wondered whether maybe the title was inappropriate, or even whether the cards would be wanted. My UK PitWR friends assured me the title had proved no barrier to the acceptance of the UK cards in Rest Homes.

So I decided the only way to stop mulling was to place a few cards about and trial the reaction. Yesterday I visited 14 Dunedin Rest/Retirement homes leaving 160 copies of Poems in the Waiting Room. I’m not sure why I had doubts. The cards and I were warmly welcomed with great interest!

One of my first positions at the Dunedin Public Library was delivering books around the wards at Wakari and Dunedin Hospitals, and also Fulton Home. Rest Homes these days are definitely much classier than thirty years ago! I arrived home last night and greeted my husband with the news that I had my eye on one or two very pleasant places we could consider when no longer able to manage on our own. He promptly went out and mowed the lawns, proving he wasn’t at that stage yet!

With only 60 autumn cards left, from the 1000 printed, I think 1500 copies might be necessary for the winter edition, so I will be able to include all of Dunedin’s Rest Homes.

Thank you to all the supporters of Poems in the Waiting Room, it is such a positive project to work on.

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